Letherette displays

Letherette displays

Letherette displays for jewelry. Letherette white, black and cream.

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Rings circles leatherette jewerly
0.18 *
leatherette bow stand jewerly
0.35 *

Exhibitor Pad Imitation leather bracelets, necklaces, small necklaces of  jewelery and imitation jewelery.

0.45 *

Display windows, consisting of three volumes in wood covered in leatherette. 3 piece for jewelry and jewelry exhibitors.

9.60 *

Ceiling Display full game for Jewelry and Jewelry Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings and Ring

4.95 *

jewerly rings displays pads

4.90 *

Brazalets display in white letherette. 14 cm higt for 23 cm long.

4.85 *


Black letherette display for brazalets. 23 x 14 cm.



4.85 *

Exhibitor Rings for shop windows in white polyskin for 10 rings of 23 cm. Of length for cm. Of width

7.50 *
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