Rings Displays

Rings Displays

Rings Displays

Rings Displays acrilic or letherette. For lone rings or groups.

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Ring Display in Acrylic Satin inverted Pyramid shaped 6 cm and base 4 x 4 cm.

1.95 *
Rings circles leatherette jewerly
0.18 *
leatherette bow stand jewerly
0.35 *

Jewelry display for rings and fashion jewelry with cone-shaped transparent methacrylate for windows displays.

Old price 2.49 €
3.65 *
Displays pads rings
4.50 *

Exhibiting hand jewelry and costume jewelry. Acrylic white Satin .de 16 cm by 12 cm high. wide

5.80 *

Exhibitor for jewelry rings and fashion jewelry in black acrylic and 5 cm high base 4 x 4 cm.

1.75 *

Exhibitor Rings for shop windows in white polyskin for 10 rings of 23 cm. Of length for cm. Of width

7.50 *
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